Great White Shark

Carcharodon carcharias at Guadalupe Island. This is hard to put in words, but i’ll give it a try: It was a real honor to meet some of those magnificent creatures. They have such a boss aura – it’s amazing! It is humbling to find yourself next to this beautiful predator. You feel small and new to this world, since the Great Whites that we know today grow up to 6 m and have been around for 16 million years. Sharks in general have survived more than 400 million years and 5 mass extinctions.

The individuals that we have seen (Luca Arnone, Kenric, Baggers and the likes) were between 3 m and 5.5 m long and in the bright sun of Baja California, their skin definitely looked more brown than grey from the surface. Once in the water with them, you can feel their gentleness but also their energy. There’s no aggression at all, only confidence.

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